Grab a boxed lunch and join various authors throughout Minneapolis Pre-function and Marquette VI-IX for engaging discussions. Papers represented at this luncheon are the top 25% of AMCIS 2022 proceedings!

Visit the following authors in Minneapolis Pre-function:

Table number Title Contact author ERF / CR Paper number 
1 The Interplay of Information Processing, Mindfulness, and Affective State in Phishing Detection Debalina Bera ERF 1438
2 Conceptualizing Information Quality in Online Health Forums Sarbottam Bhagat ERF 1609
3 What Really Matters? Evaluating the Importance of Skills for Data Analysts Cassandra Collier ERF 1144
4 Examining the Role of Privacy Policy on Host Information Disclosure on Accommodation Sharing Platforms Jiang Hu ERF 1732
5 The Voices of the Subjugated – A Feminist Critique of Information Systems Research Juho Lindman ERF 1574
6 T2DM Clinical Decision Support System: Comprehensive Patient Care Dong-Gil Ko ERF 1248
7 What makes users reliant on the virtual assistant? The side effect of attachment Hansol Lee ERF 1413
8 The collective information privacy on social networking sites Sara Memarian Esfahani ERF 1742
9 The Impact of Data Breach Announcements on Online Consumers Behavior Mohamed Hussein ERF 1520
10 Understanding Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Purchase Motivations Peter Haried ERF 1409
11 A Power-threat View of The Role of Neighborhood Demographics on Airbnb Review Sentiments Saidat Sanni ERF 1155
12 Antecedents and Consequences of Blockchain Innovations Sidi Zhao ERF 1636
13 Managing Urgent Complex AI Projects: The Case of AISys at CityPort Tanya Giannelia ERF 1268
14 IT Affordances and Consumption Values Perspective for the Use of Social Commerce Mati Ur Rehman ERF 1681
15 A Conversational Goal Setting Buddy for Student Learning Yu Chen ERF 1690
16 Authorship, Collaboration, and Influence of Women IS Scholars: Using Social Network Analysis Shimi Zhou ERF 1435
17 Supportive Relationships, Commitment, and Turnover in Platform Work: A Platform Ecosystem Perspective Andreas Ihl Complete Paper 1154
18 Towards a Novel Business Process Model for Food Delivery Services Using Blockchain Technology Arthur Carvalho Complete Paper 1750
19 Let’s Do Our Bit: How Information Systems Research Can Contribute to Ethical Artificial Intelligence Aslan, Aycan Complete Paper 1684
20 Perceptions of Risk and Security Concerns with Mobile Devices using Biometric vs Traditional Authentication Methods Jordan Barlow Complete Paper 1242
21 Information Exchange Decision Support (IEDS) Framework Ali Mohammed Bazarah Complete Paper 1196
22 IoT adoption in agriculture: a systematic review Cevdet Bulut Complete Paper 1118
23 A data analytics organisation’s perspective on the technical enabling factors for organisational AI adoption Danie Smit Complete Paper 1198
24 Attitudes towards environment and technology: preliminary investigation of associations Ewa Duda Complete Paper 1754
25 Adopting AI-Enabled Technology: Taking the Bad with the Good George Dagliyan Complete Paper 1504
26 Information Security Risk and Boundary Changing Behavior Hilal Pataci Complete Paper 1625
27 Towards Augmented MDM: Overview of Design and Function Areas and A Literature Review Complete Paper 1741

Visit the following authors in Marquette VI – IX:

Table number Title Contact author ERF / CR Paper number 
28 Exploring Information Flow on Twitter: Social Network Analysis on Gender-Specific Medicine Katharina Baum Complete Paper 1548
29 Reflectiveness: The Missing Link between Digital Mindfulness and Mindful Use of Digital Technology Kaveh Abhari Complete Paper 1303
30 Exploring the Dark Side of Multiplayer Online Games: The Relationship between contact experiences and sexism Bastian Kordyaka, Complete Paper 1440
31 Towards a Digital Sleep Diary Standard Lisa Schmitz Complete Paper 1425
32 A Systematic Review of Leadership in Online Communities: Social Leaders, Technical Leaders, and Impacts Xuecong Lu Complete Paper 1401
33 Beyond MLOps: The Lifecycle of Machine Learning-based Solutions Mucha Tomasz Complete Paper 1012
34 Bibliometric Analysis of Sustainability Information Systems Research Nesreen El-Rayes Complete Paper 1623
35 What does Native Theorizing and Native Products of Theorizing in Information Systems Look Like? Nik Rushdi Hassan Complete Paper 1641
36 Data-driven Decision Support for 30-day Unplanned Readmission Risks of Comorbid Patients with Diabetes – An Action Design Research Paradigm Nilmini Wickramasinghe Complete Paper 1301
37 How Is IT Identity Claimed and Manifested? Qin Weng Complete Paper 1699
38 Effects of Personality on Trading Performance in Social Trading Platforms Quanchen Liu Complete Paper 1173
39 Does a CDO enhance Company Inventiveness? An Empirical Study on new Managerial Positions and Innovation Rubén Ramirez Salas Complete Paper 1593
40 Vulnerable Groups Online: Understanding Engagement with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Shohil Kishore Complete Paper 1477
41 Algorithmic Transparency in Action: How and Why Do Companies Disclose Information on Algorithms? Tobias Bitzer Complete Paper 1095
42 Enablers of Recombinant Digital Innovation in Service Systems from Media Hubertus-Maximilian Waltermann Complete Paper 1385