Health & Safety Protocol

AIS is committed to making the health and safety of AMCIS 2022 in-person attendees a top priority. Our goal is to hold a safe event, recognizing it is not possible to remove all risks, in particular concerning COVID-19. AIS will put required measures in place to provide a safe environment for its event attendees. Policies for each meeting will be set according to CDC and public health recommendations, federal, state, and local regulations applicable at the time of the event, and what AIS deems necessary to manage the risk for its event attendees. Please continue to refer to this page for the latest information.

Conference Safety

By attending the conference, you acknowledge the personal responsibility for your safety and the safety of others. You will comply with guidelines provided by the CDC, federal, state and local officials as well as AIS and the hotel. You understand that if you choose not to follow the guidelines, you assume responsibility for your choices. AIS cannot be held liable for COVID-19 cases arising because of event attendance.

AIS reserves the right to change, amend, add or remove any of the safety measures at its discretion and without prior notice. If one or more of the conditions outlined in these safety measures should become invalid, the remaining conditions will continue to be valid and apply. These safety measures apply to all AMCIS 2022 in-person conference participants (attendees, speakers, sponsors, and staff).

Below provides the current health and safety measure between The Association for Information Systems (AIS) and you, when you register to attend AMCIS 2022 in-person, organized by AIS. By registering for AMCIS 2022 you are agreeing to comply with these safety measures. Please read this document carefully.

  1. Face Masks: A face mask is highly recommended at all AMCIS 2022 indoor meetings/events except when eating, drinking, or presenting.
  2. Quarantining: Attendees will be expected to take common actions to reduce the risk of COVID transmission and to behave responsibly (including leaving the event area) in case of exposure to a COVID case or experiencing symptoms.In such case, attendees should seek appropriate medical attention and must immediately inform AIS anonymously should a COVID-19 test be positive during the event or in the 10 days following the event. All expenses related to a quarantine and/or self-isolation, which includes but are not limited to hotel room charges, meals, airline change fees, COVID-19 tests, are your responsibility.

The above safety measures apply to all AMCIS 2022 in-person meetings and events.

Additional Safety Measures for In-Person Conference Attendees

  • Lanyards – color coded: Lanyard color represents your level of comfort of distancing with other attendees whether you are comfortable with handshakes/hugs, fist bumps or simply chatting.
      • Green: handshakes/hugs
      • Yellow: fist bumps
      • Red: chat only
  • Hand Sanitizer: Available throughout the meetings space.

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