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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

A great way for students to experience system development is through implementing a real system. In this hands-on workshop, we will explore the free-tier offerings of AWS, GCP and Azure that we find most relevant to student development and build an application that uses a number of these services. Along the way, we will give introductory exposure to version control with GIT and GitHub.

The workshop will facilitate exploration of the emerging field of process mining and provide ways to incorporate it into teaching Information System curricula. Cases study domains will span finance, healthcare, logistics/warehouse management, RPAs, and marketing (customer journey).

  • In the first half of the workshop, we will analyze the results of applying process mining to some of the domains mentioned above.
  • The second half of the workshop will focus on creating the stand-alone analysis for a business process (like order-to-cash etc.) to be incorporated into the classroom teaching.
  • There are no fees to attend the workshop; all AMCIS attendees are welcome. Participants will need a laptop capable of connecting to Wi-Fi.
Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Mid-Career Faculty Workshop seeks to provide an outlet for faculty members to gain insight and guidance on developing their next-stage careers. This workshop is appropriate for any faculty member who has navigated the first 5-7 years of their career and may or may not hold the “Associate Professor” title. Our goal is to support the notion that scholars need to build a network of relationships and resources to support their personal agenda, whether their desired role is administrative, scholarly, pedagogical, or entrepreneurial.

This workshop presents findings of a systematic research methodology on the role of leadership in Digital Transformation Process in the alignment with Digital IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture, based on the Adaptive Integrated Digital Architecture Framework (AIDAF). The topics of this Workshop are as follows:

  1. Evolving Leadership Roles Along Digital Transformation Lifecycle
  2. Talent Management for Digital Transformation Leadership
  3. Digital Strategy and Post-Alignment Paradigm of IT Management 4. Digital Governance and Stakeholder Complexity

In this workshop, we will introduce KNIME Analytics Platform, an open-source tool for codeless data science. We will review the data science life cycle: from data ingestion, to modeling and visualization, to deployment by touching on examples in text analytics, time series analysis, and deep learning. No background in KNIME or data science is required to follow the topics in this workshop.

The workshop will present to academic leaders and full professors a new catalyst model for helping mid-career faculty springboard to the next phase of their career advancement. The goal being to engage several of the attendees as “catalysts”. A critical question over the past several years has been: How can the AIS (the global IS professional association) support women’s efforts to earn promotion to full professor when there are significant global/regional differences – in promotion to full requirements, access to relational support networks, and available financial and other resources for women seeking to advance to full? The model highlights a network of global catalysts who will 1) recruit small cohorts of women faculty in their “global region” and 2) facilitate a series of 6 hour-long “springboard your career” workshops.  The workshop will explain the curriculum and facilitation materials designed to foster connection among “isolated” scholars and for local relevance. The human-centered design process embraced by the model with catalysts serving as co-creators will be presented and feedback on how the model could be scaled and adapted as needed to be implemented globally and sustained beyond scope of the ADVANCE grant discussed. Through this workshop, co-sponsored by ADVANCE grant and the College of Academic Leadership, we hope to share more information about the model, engage academic leadership (and full professor) support and gain catalyst participation (at a global level).

This workshop, designed by a Practitioner-Scholar, brings together a refresher of the well-established flipped classroom pedagogy with the latest techniques employed in Practice, to introduce a novel course delivery framework. This framework not only creates a more innovative and practice-influenced classroom, it employs the Agile method of work, providing educators a way toward rapid implementation in their individual classes, multi-section courses, or across courses department wide.

This event will be our official welcome reception for the Doctoral Student Corner. During this hour, students will have the chance to meet and interact with each other.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Experienced Deans and Department Chairs will participate as panelists to share tips and advice to Doctoral students to prepare and plan ahead for a long-term career with promotions and tenure, beyond just getting the first job. After the panel, a breakout session will take place. Student participants can interact with the Faculty Panelists in roundtables for advice on other aspects of academic life, such as research, teaching, and service.

Member reception of the AIS Chapter Germany (AISD).

The meetings serves as an environment to discuss enterprise-level information systems research. The meeting includes two invited tasks of experts on trends and future research in the domain (Prof. Dr. Robert Winter, Prof. Dr. Norbert Gronau). The meeting also includes the annual meeting of the AIS Special Interest Group Enterprise System related part (brief report, discussion on thematic positioning of the SIG, Potential activities/initiatives 2022/2023, Election of positions for SIG (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, .etc.)

A reception for the members of the AIS Women’s Network College. An occasion to share updates on the College’s activities, but also to network and socialize.

Join MWAIS Chapter Members and other AMCIS attendees as they discuss chapter events and more.

SIG GIS Annual Meeting

AIS SIG Global Development Board meeting to discuss upcoming officers and Bylaws. All voting members need to be present. After the board meeting, ITD Journal updates will take place and upcoming special issues discussed. Feedback participants is sought.

SIG Health Business Meeting recaps SIG Health events over the past year and is open to all SIG Health members and individuals interested in joining SIG Health.

Join us for an evening with members and friends of SIG ITProjMgmt. Drinks and Light Snacks will be served.

Annual Meeting for SIG LEAD.

This session will be an intimate table-based discussion on DEI, where attendees can discuss the following thought questions (1) What DEI work has AIS been doing well? (2) What DEI issues need to address within the AIS community? (3) What should the AIS community be doing to increase DEI? (4) How do we as a community move towards greater DEI? After which, tables can report out the key points of their conversations. This will be an opportunity to highlight key areas of AIS DEI strengths and weaknesses from which an action plan for measurable successes can be created.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Students will have the opportunity to hangout and mingle with rising IS faculty members and fellow students and exchange experiences on various aspects of academic life, such as research, teaching, and service.